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Fulfills a life-long dream -to automate fresh fruit harvesting. It is AgTech at its best, combining computer vision and robotics.

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FFRobotics presents a unique and patented Robotic Fruit Harvester – the FFRobot: A reliable, robust harvesting platform emulating human-hand picking process for efficient, cost-effective and bruise-free fruit harvesting. 

The FFRobot Offers:

A unique opportunity for farmers/growers to meet challenges of finding and retaining labor, rising labor costs and potential damage to hand-picked fruit - by reducing, supplementing or replacing human pickers from the dwindling pool of harvesting labor. 

Advanced software for fruit identification and classification per Grower's pre-set criteria for harvesting selection.

Enhanced Productivity: 10 times more productive and faster premium fruit harvesting compared to average human picker. 


 Data collection and analysis of fruit picked per tree, acre, and orchard.

In 2016, over 7 million ton of fresh apples were picked off trees all around the USA alone. 100% of these fruits were picked manually, mostly by seasonal laborers. These laborers become more and more scarce, as old pickers retire, the young ones do not want to work in agriculture, and laborers from foreign countries are limited in number or entirely forbidden from entry, and in any event require extensive training, with increasing lodging, food and transportaions costs. 

The Problem

The Problem



Image Processing 


Robotic Operating System (ROS)

Multi Fruit Solution


The Solution

FFRobotics Fresh fruit Harvesting solution combines precise yet simple robotic controls, fast and accurate image processing, and advanced algorithms for picking and distinguishing usable produce and damaged, diseased and unripe fruit.

The Harvester will be easily modified to pick different types of fresh fruit, making it useful over multiple harvesting seasons.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation

programme under grant agreement No 954038.

Meet FFRobotics!

Meet FFRobotics
February 2019 - Fruit Logistica, Berlin
The Team

The Team

Avi Kahani

Co-Founder & CEO

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

Gad Kober

Co-Founder &
Business Development

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

          Yoav Koster

      Co-Founder & CTO

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Avi Kahani, President & CEO

Tel: +972-545-615-020

Fax: +972-97964330

Gad Kober, VP/Business Development

Tel: +972-542- 952-852

Fax: +972-97964330

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